Some great features:

  • Advanced wrist-based heart rate
  • Connected GPS
  • FitSpark daily training guide
  • Nightly Recharge & Sleep Plus Stages
  • Serene breathing exercise
  • Phone notifications
  • Sport profiles
  • Watch face color themes

The Polar Unite waterproof fitness smartwatch is available with advanced wrist based heart rate and connected GPS. It is a great assistance in all important aspects, it helps you sleep better, train harder and find the right balance in your schedule. 

Some great features:

  • Advanced wrist-based heart rate
  • Integrated GPS
  • Nightly Recharge
  • FitSpark training guide
  • Serene guided breathing exercise
  • Sleep Plus Stages
  • Smart calories
  • Swimming metrics / smart notifications

The Polar Ignite sports smartwatch is available for men and women and is great for working out in the gym, swimming, running, cycling, and walking. It is a waterproof smartwatch with advanced wrist-based heart rate. 

Polar Ignite

Polar Unite

Which Heart Rate Monitor is right for you?

Most people who exercise will tell you they want to lose weight or simply get fitter. Not many people know what their heart rate is, or where it really should be. This means that they are not training in the most efficient way to achieve their goals.

The question on whether you should invest in a monitor using a chest strap or an optical wrist monitor. There are positives and negatives to each type of sensor, however, overall, no matter which you choose they are beneficial in tracking your training. 

For the most accurate results and a more serious heart rate training, you may lean more towards a chest strap. Although they may be slightly uncomfortable, there is no denying their accuracy. 
Even though wrist monitor's accuracy may sometimes be a little questionable, they are still convenient and practical for low intensity workouts. 

Polar is a well known brand with years of proven experience with heart monitoring. The best Polar heart rate monitors and performance sports watches are known globally for their high accuracy. 


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